Inviting your customers to your B2B store

How to invite your customer?

You have two options to invite your customers: from your Customer profile page or from the Customers menu in the B2B Store.

From the Customer profile page, you will find a "Give Access" button in the Customer store section:

From the B2B Store menu, click on Customers and then on the "Add button" (Top right).

Here, you can select your customer's email address and the categories (Tags, Seasons and Brands) of products they see in your B2B Store:

Once you click on the "Give Access" button, they will receive an email with the login URL (Link) and their password. For information, the email language depends of the default "Language for PDF" of your customers. They can update their password later once they login the to store (Make sure they check their SPAM folder in case).

You can find more details on enabling and selecting products for the B2B Store in this page.

Price level

Once your customer has access to the store, they will see your customized selection of products and priced at their Price Level. You can assign a price level for your customers directly in the customer profile:

If you haven't selected a price level for your customer, the default price level from the B2B Store settings will be used.

Stock Location

If you have enabled the "Display stock" option in the store settings, your customer will see the available stock in the location assigned to them in the customer profile. If you haven't selected a location for your customer, the default location from the B2B Store settings will be used.

Shipping Cost

Once you receive an order from your customer, you can update the shipping cost directly in the sales order. You can also assign a default shipping cost to a stock location in the menu Settings > Locations. This will be the default shipping cost added to the orders assigned to this location:

How to train your customers?

Share this guide with your clients to let them know how to use your B2B Store in full autonomy!

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