Difference of stock between Erplain and Shopify?

This article offers a two-step guide if your stock differs between Erplain and Shopify. You can find more details and instructions regarding the synchronization of products with Shopify on this page.

1- Start a synchronization of your inventory between the two systems. This is done in the Apps menu > Configure Shopify > Inventory:

Note: Please wait at least 30 minutes after the synchronization process is completed.

Important: Once you have chosen to synchronize your products between Shopify and Erplain. Make sure not to modify your inventory in Shopify manually, it will not update your inventory on Erplain as Shopify doesn't capture the inventory valuation. To make adjustments to your inventory, log into Erplain and create purchase orders, stock entries, stock removal, or stock movements.

2- After the synchronization, if you still notice a stock gap between Erplain and Shopify. In this case, please, choose a specific product to set as an example in order to prepare your help ticket and send us the following:

  • the exact name of the product and its SKU.
  • a screenshot of its adjustment history from Shopify (which can be found in the product sheet of Shopify by clicking on the link "Adjustment history"):

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