Email Templates

Sending PDFs by email

For each transaction (Estimate, Invoice, Purchase order,...), you can send them as an attachment via email. Open the transaction and click on the Actions button and Send by email:

Type your email or select the email template (previously created) and click on 'Send Email':

Creating email templates

1. From the menu Settings > Email templates:

2. In the email templates page, select the transaction for which you want to create a template:

3. And fill in the template according to your preferences:


You can create multiple templates for each transaction, so you can name each template.


You can include a default recipient for this template (optional).

Note that when sending the email, you will see the customer or supplier emails addresses available in the email list.


You can include a default CC for this template (optional).


Email subject

Body of the email:

Type the predefined text that you would like to include in your email.

You can include placeholders that will automatically be replaced by the corresponding information. For example, the invoice number, your name and email address.

The list of these placeholders is on the right side of the template page. Click on any placeholder to add it to the body of the email:

Once you have created your templates, you can define one of them (for each transaction) as the default template by selecting the default template option:

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