With erplain you can manage multiple Stock / Sales locations. This will help you track the inventory in each location, and generate Sales or Purchase from/to these locations.

To manage and add Locations, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the Menu 'Settings' > 'Sales locations':

  • This is the list of your Sales locations:

You can Edit them by clicking on:

You can Disable them by clicking on:

  • To create a Sales location, click on the 'Create a Sales location' button:

  • Choose a label and a location type (Store/Warehouse):

Label: Choose a label that will help you identity it quickly while creating an Invoice or Purchase Order for example.
Store or warehouse: This is simply a category to help you when you have multiple locations.

Address: select the address of this Sales location. The address will appear on the PDF documents.

Replace company name with location name in PDFs: If you select this setting, the Sales location name will replace your company name in your PDF documents. This can be useful if you ship products to a location not 'related' to your company.

Re-order points, Stock movements and Stock level

You can assign re-order points for your products for each location and receive email alerts when your stock level drops below the re-order point. You can also transfer inventory between locations with stock movements.

In your stock level, you can track the inventory in each location by clicking in the arrow on the left of the product:

Tip: If you are often moving inventory for events, we suggest that you create a Sales location called 'Sales event' (or any other name), it will allow you to easily track your stock levels and stay organized.

Note: Managing multiple stock locations is available in the erplain Premium subscription.

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