Company settings

You can setup your Company settings such as Address, Phone, Logo, etc... from the menu 'Settings' > 'Company settings':

It is recommended to setup your company information accurately, as some of this information will be included in your PDF documents.

Add your company information

From the company settings, add your company address and logo. For information, the logo will appear on every PDF document that you create and send (recommended size 300x200).

Choose your settings

Tax model: This setting changes the way erplain is rounding the Sales Taxes. 
- US Tax Model: Your Sales Taxes are 'totaled' then rounded.
- Global Tax Model: Your Sales Taxes are rounded, then 'totaled'.

Activate drop shipping: Drop shipping will allow you to ship products directly from your suppliers to your customers. For more information about drop shipping, please refer to this article: Drop shipping.

Confirm delivery before adding products to my inventory: If you enable this option, you will need to click on "Add product(s) to my inventory"  from the Purchase delivery to update your inventory accordingly.

Separate numbering per location: erplain will assign a different document number based on the sales location. For example, Invoice number IW1000200 for sales coming from Warehouse 1 and IW2000200 for sales coming from Warehouse 2.

Use invoice draft: If you select this option, your invoices will be created as Draft until you finalize them. Once finalized, they can't be edited or deleted. More information in this page: Invoices.

Choose the default values

Tax: Your default sales tax when creating a new user.

Price level: Your default Price level when creating a new user.

Tax type: This setting changes the way erplain calculates the sales tax.
- Tax Exclusive: The sales tax is not included in the price of the product. The sales tax will be added on top of the price. This setting is more typically used in North America.
- Tax Inclusive: The sales tax is included in the price of the product. This setting is more typically used in Europe.

Default terms of payment: Default values for the invoice due date when creating a new invoice.

Delete data

You can delete the data in your account by clicking on the "Delete my Data" button. You can use this to reset your account or delete the trial account information (sample). This option is only available for the account administrator.

Note: Deleting your data will not erase your registered stock location.

PDF Settings

Your PDF settings will affect all the PDF documents generated by erplain (Invoices, Purchase Orders, Stock movements, ...).  For more information about the PDF Settings, please refer to this article.

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