Stock movements

If you are using multiple Sales / Stock locations, you can create a Stock movement to transfer products from one location to another.

  • To list your Stock movements, go to the menu 'Inventory' > 'Stock movement':

To create a new Stock movement, click on '+ Create'.

  • Next: Select the Departure location and the Arrival location:

  • Next: Add the products:  You can find detailed instructions to add products in this article.

  • Save


Once you save the Stock movement, its status is 'Pending' and no stock update is done. Your stock levels for both your On-Hand and Available Inventory will only be updated once you click on "Products have been transferred".  

PDF and email

  • Once you saved the Stock movement, you can generate a PDF document by clicking on PDF.

  • You can then send it by email directly from erplain by clicking on 'Action' > 'Send by email':

You can also make inventory adjustments from the 'Inventory bulk update'. More information in this article.

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