Estimates / Quotes

erplain has a very flexible sales workflow. You can start the sales process by creating any of the following documents:
1. Estimate (or Quote)

2. Sales Order

3. Invoice

For more information about the Sales workflow, please refer to this article.

To create an Estimate, go to the Menu 'Sales' > 'Estimates':

Then click on 'Create':

It is recommended to start by selecting the customer as erplain will display automatically the default values (address, price level, currency, location,...) from this customer:

If you need to create a new customer, click on the + button:

The document number will be automatically filled in. You can leave the default value or customize it: erplain will generate the next one using the same pattern. For example, if you enter "D00-ABC1", the next one will be "D00-ABC2".

Next: Fill in the information you need to create this transaction.

The External reference field is typically used for Purchase Order number but can be used for other purposes to identify this transaction.

Season is another way to categorize transactions, typically used to refer to time period.

Account representative can be used to track the sales of your sales team.

Generally used for B2C sales, check the option "Include taxes in unit price" if you want taxes to be included in the price of the product.

Adding products to the Estimate:
Next: Add the products to the transaction:

You can find detailed instructions to add products in this article.

Notes - Terms and Conditions - Attached files

You can then add Notes for your customers, update the Terms & Conditions, add Internal notes for you and your team or attach files for later reference.
Click on Save when you are done creating the estimate.

Sales workflow and Inventory update
After creating an Estimate, you can continue the sales workflow by creating a Sales order or an Invoice. Click on the Sales order or Invoice buttons:

The estimate doesn't update your inventory. Stocks level will only be updated once you create a Sales Order or an Invoice.

For more information about the Sales workflow and the inventory update, please refer to this article: Sales workflow.

Estimate status

After the estimate i created, the status is "Pending". You can also change the status of the estimate once you hear back from your customer. Reject it by clicking on the 'Reject estimate' and accept it by clicking "Accept estimate". The status of the estimate will automatically be updated to "Accepted and transformed" if you create a sales order or invoice from the estimate.

PDF and email
Once you saved the Estimate, you can generate a PDF document by clicking on PDF.

You can then send it by email directly from erplain by clicking on the Action button then 'Send by email':

You can create email templates to avoid retyping the same information each time. You can find more information on this page: Email templates.

You can change your PDF Settings from the Setting Menu > Company Settings > PDF Settings. More information in this article: PDF settings.

The Estimate dashboard
Once you click on the Estimate Menu, you will see the list of your Estimates:

Of course, you can filter your Estimates by status, customer, date, ...

For more information about filters, please refer to this article: Filters


You can duplicate your Estimates should you need to make the same Estimate. Simply open any Estimate, click on the Actions button and 'Duplicate':

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