Inventory sync

Within erplain, your On-Hand inventory is updated every time you create any of the following transactions:

- Shipping Orders (from Sales Orders)

- Invoices

- Product returns

- Stock entries

- Stock removals

- Purchase Deliveries (from Purchase Orders)

erplain will sync your On-Hand inventory with QuickBooks for all these transactions except for Shipping Orders. Shipping Orders are created from Sales Orders, and are not supported by QuickBooks Online.  From the time you create the Shipping Order in erplain to when you create the Invoice from the Sales Order or Shipping order, you will notice a temporary difference between erplain and QuickBooks.

All inventory updates done in QuickBooks: inventory adjustments, creating or editing an invoice or vendor bill will sync to Erplain in your default stock location.

At any time, you can check your Inventory level, including your QuickBooks stock level directly from erplain. Simply go to the menu 'Inventory' > 'Stock Level':

You can click on the QBO Inventory number, it will give you the details on the difference between erplain and QuickBooks:

You find more information about the Sales workflow and the Inventory update in this article.

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