The Reorder report lists all your products that are below their reorder point (ROP) and allows you to reorder consequently.  The reorder point is the minimum inventory threshold that you can assign to each of your products.

To access the Reorder report, open the reorder tab under the Inventory menu.

Where to start?

Before reordering you need to assign ROPs to you products, this can be done via a stock level update or using the inventory bulk update tool. For information, assigning ROPs can also be done when creating or editing products. Simply update the field 'ROP' from the product card.


1. Select the products to reorder

There are two options to select the products to reorder. 


The first one consists in selecting multiple products within the same location manually.

1.1. Filter the report on one location and check the products to reorder. Then click on '

IMPORTANT: Reordering can only be done for one location at a time. If you have products in multiples location. You will need to repeat this process multiple time.

The second option consists in reordering automatically all the products within the same location. No filtering or selection is needed. All the products within the selected location will be picked automatically.

1.2 Click on 'REORDER BY LOCATION' and select your location

2. Update quantities and suppliers

erplain will help you create Purchase Orders automatically based on the reorder point and default supplier of each product. For information, you can assign a default supplier to your products. This is done when creating or editing products.

Update quantities and suppliers if needed and c
lick 'Next' when you are done.

3. Complete reordering

The final step consists in choosing the options for the POs you are about to create:

- Adding products to an existing PO vs creating a new PO
- Currency
- Price level
- Location
- Taxes

Review each option and click on 'Save' to create POs.

IMPORTANT: Please note that erplain will add the first fifty products to the PO. If you need to reorder more than fifty products to the same PO, please create the first PO then add remaining products to the active PO.


You can also setup email alerts to be notified when the inventory of your products are below their reorder point.  You can find more information on Alerts in this article.

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