You can buy or sell packs made of multiple times the same product. For example: a box of 100 socks.

  • To create a pack, go to the menu 'Products & Services', and click on 'Products'. 

  • Then, click on the name of any of your products and click on 'Create pack':

  • Choose a name, quantity and pricing:

  • Save

Your pack is now created. You can add it to your Sales documents (Estimates, Sales Orders and Invoices) or to your Purchase Orders:


Your Inventory will be updated just like a regular product but with the appropriate quantity.


You can also create Packs for product variants. You will find the 'Create pack' option when you edit the variant:

  • Edit the Variant:

  • Click on 'Create pack':

If you need to create a kit or an assembly, please visit this page.

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