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In this section, you will find all necessary information in order to sync your products between erplain and Shopify:


Undersanding syncing methods
There are three ways to sync your products with Shopify:

1) Import/Export consists in creating products. Non-synced products are created from app A to app B. Once products are imported or exported, they are in sync.

2) Product mapping consists in matching already existing products in each app. Once products are mapped together, they are in sync.

3) Publishing / Send to consists in creating a product from erplain to Shopify. Once a product is published in Shopify, it is in sync between the two apps. 

Prep work
Shopify and erplain do not prevent creating products with similar names or SKUs.

In order to avoid duplications while importing, exporting or publishing products we recommend you to identify similar non-synchronized products in both apps. This would only apply if you have been using both apps before connecting them or if you created the same product in both apps.

 If you find similar non-synchronized items existing in both apps, we invite you to start by a product mapping before importing/exporting or publishing your products.

>>> Enable or Disable the automatic sync of Shopify products to erplain.
By default, new products created in Shopify will be synced to erplain. You can disable this option (not recommended) from the Shopify settings > Product tab.

>>> Enable or Disable the product description sync between erplain and Shopify.
By default, when a product is synced, its description will sync as well. Once products are in sync, modifying the product description in Shopify will update the description in erplain and vice-versa. You can disable this option from the Shopify settings > Custom Fields tab.

Importing products from Shopify to erplain

From the Apps Menu > Configure Shopify > Products tab

Click on "Start importing" to import your products from Shopify to erplain. 

Note: All products included in your Shopify orders will automatically sync with erplain if they are not already synced.

Archived and draft products will be imported as well in the list of your products in erplain.

Exporting products from erplain to Shopify

From the Apps Menu > Configure Shopify > Products tab

Click "Start exporting" to export your existing product from erplain to Shopify.

Note: Syncing all your products is not a requirement.

Publishing or unpublishing a product in Shopify

From each product card in erplain you can choose to publish your product to Shopify or unpublish your product from Shopify.

Click "Send to Shopify" to create a new product in Shopify synced with erplain:

Click "Remove from Shopify" to delete this product in Shopify:

Important: If you delete a product in Shopify, it will delete this product in Erplain.

Product mapping

If non-synchronized products exist in both Shopify and erplain, you can map them. Once mapped, they will be in sync.

Open the menu Apps > Configure Shopify > Products, then scroll down to Products Mapping:

- Choose which system (erplain or Shopify) will be the "Master", then click on Save and "Map products". This master setting will only apply at the time of the mapping if there is different information in both systems. For example, if Shopify is the master and a product name in Shopify is "Product ABC V1" and "Product ABC Version1" in erplain, the name in erplain will become "Product ABC V1".

Once products are mapped, they will sync both ways, any change in one system will be applied to the other one.

- For each product, you can search for the matching product in Shopify or click on Auto suggest finding a possible match between erplain and Shopify.  Click on Save once you found the corresponding product:

While searching for the product, you can type the product name or SKU. We also recommend typing the exact same name of the product while searching.

Identifying synced products

You can see which products are in sync with Shopify from the product list in erplain:

IMPORTANT: Once you have chosen to synchronize your products between Shopify and erplain, make sure not to make manual inventory adjustments in Shopify, it will not update your inventory in erplain. Please make all your manual inventory adjustments and purchase orders directly in erplain.

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